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Introducing the new


All the software and hardware required to run a successful Internet presence.

With it's unlimited licensing feature, you can have as many stores, websites and e-mailboxes as you wish (or your hardware pick will allow)

While other vendors charge you a license fee per store or number of e-mail boxes, etc. our servers have unlimited licensing. That means that you can have as many e-mail boxes as you wish on your e-mail server, without worring about paying for more boxes. The only limitation is the capacity of the server that you choose.

Our servers are built for the startup companies and people new in the Internet business. They are very easy to learn, use and maintain.Based on Windows NT technology, you are in a familiar environement. Support for this platform seems limitless. And the learning curve is very short, usually in matter of couple of hours, people with Windows background find their way around the system.

Our servers come in a few flavors:

Common Features:

  • More power, Ram and Hard disk space for the money
  • Multihoming  web server
  • Multihoming FTP server
  • Multihoming e-mail server
  • Store/Shopping cart system with unlimited number of stores
  • Utilities to automate process of setting up new websites and ftp users.
  • Remote e-mail administration
  • Web based e-mail retrival

E-mail Server Edition

  • allows for multiple domain name hosting
  • Each domain can have its own administrator to add/remove/modify user accounts
  • Seperate storage limitation for each domain
  • limit the number of e-mail boxes based on domain
  • AnyWare® web e-mail retreival system

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Mall Edition

  • allows for multiple stores each with their own look from predefined templates. You can also make your own
  • Limit stores based on Number of products, Number of categories, etc.

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Prices start at $1999.00

Available in cube case or rackmount