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Mall Edition

This edition is specifically designed for ISP's that are implementing a large number of stores. It allows for an unlimited number of stores to be setup on a single server. No per store licensing fees.The only limitation is the power of your hardware, your bandwidth and your imagination.

The individual stores in the Mall have the same feature set as the netServer millennium edition. The Mall provides a single interface for consumers to visit and purchase from the stores. However, the stores also can be independent sites with their own domain and not part of the Mall at all except for administration purposes.

The Mall Manager allows the ISP to setup new stores through a browser interface and determine the feature set for the store. Unlimited and varying billing plans can be created to give the most flexibility to the ISP in pricing hosting of stores. Stores can be automatically billed their monthly fees as well so the maintenance and management of the clients is automated. Supported databases include MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle and Sybase.

  • Base Merchant
  • Remote "New Store" Setup
  • Other Limitations you can control
  • Tracks Mall Sales
  • Store Templates
  • Searchable Mall
  • Single Mall Shopping Basket
  • Email Features
  • Other Features

Base Merchant
The Mall edition uses the base for each individual store. netServer millennium's e-commerce is a complete product catalog, shopping basket system with browser based admin for the store owner. The server offers eleven different credit card clearing services including CyberCash, IC Verify and Internet Secure. A store in the Mall edition is ALSO a standalone store in it's own right which can have it's own domain. It doesn't have to be associated with the mall in look and feel or web address but still gain the advantages of being in a mall system.

Remote "New Store" Setup
The setup of a new store is done through a special web based data entry screen. This sets up any required ODBC data sources, copies merchant template files, allows setting of store product parameters, selection of the look and feel from the templates and entering of information about the store owner for billing purposes. The web server may require setup of virtual domain information separately. It has a similar look and feel to the netServer millennium e-commerce system but is more wizard based for store setups.

Limit features based on plans you sell
A number of features can be turned on and off on a per store basis. This is all done through the web based administration screens for the mall. These include:


Image Upload


Customer Management


Custom Catalog Capabilities

Affiliate Program

Banner Advertising

Mail Center

Subscription Handling

ESD Features


Other Limitations you can control

It is also possible to limit a number of other values in the merchant stores. These include:

Payment Options Available

Fee structure

Number of products

Number of categories

Additional Pages in the Store

Templates Available

Tracks Mall Sales
All stores in the mall can be queried for cumulative sales numbers and sales reports are available to the mall owner for each store. Information Regarding Daily Sales for all stores are be recorded. This is used to keep a running track of Sales Statistics for the Mall. This is beneficial in marketing the Mall or in reporting information to current/potential investors.

Monthly Billing & Accounting
Each store in the mall can be automatically billed on a monthly basis to credit card information stored for each store. This enables hassle free collection of 'store rent'. Invoices are automatically generated and emailed to the store owner. Different billing option are supported such as flat rate, transactions or percentage of sales. The invoices are automatically generated and emails to the store owners. A store can be suspended for failure to pay their monthly fees if necessary.

Store Templates
The Mall edition provides 10 store templates of the individual stores. There will be specific store templates created for use in the Mall and it's stores. It is also possible to download new templates from the web in a ZIP file and import them directly through the browser into the Mall system, as they become available.

Searchable Mall
The Mall edition contains a component that is a searchable store listing that allows the categorization of stores. This provides a single interface to all the stores in your mall. A store could opt to be in the mall listing or not. The description of the store would be pulled from each individual store. There is also an option to search all the stores for a particular product. This has the option for the store owner to make their store invisible to the Mall search and listing mechanism.

Single Mall Shopping Basket
The Mall edition also has the ability to provide a single shopping basket to the mall visitors. This allows users to order from multiple stores and the Mall system will put those orders into the individual stores upon check out. If all stores use the same shipping company then a single shipping amount can be calculated.

Email Features
All stores can be sent emails from the mall manager. This can be used as a sort of newsletter to your merchants. Invoices and reminders can also be sent via email automatically to each store. Each store has an option in the admin to email the mall owner about questions, issues etc…. Customers can also be sent updates on new product and specials by the individual merchants.

Other Features

  • Notify button on the navigation bar for each store that allows people to get updates when new items are added to the store without making a purchase.
  • Paging system built in for any server problems.
  • Bulletin board option for customer service for store owners to discuss issues they may have in common.
  • A shopping club feature that keeps track of each customers purchases and provides incentives to shop at other stores in the Mall

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