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E-mail Server Edition

  • allows for multiple domain name hosting
  • no per domain or per user licensing fee
  • Each domain can have its own administrator to add/remove/modify user accounts
  • Separate storage limitation for each domain
  • limit the number of e-mail boxes based on domain
  • AnyWare® web e-mail retrieval system
    (demo available)
  • User and domain information is stored in an Access Database

E-mail server edition has a host of features including true and easy to use multi-domain support, which allows you to host mail services for an unlimited number of domains. Additionally, we have implemented an intuitive GUI interface allowing the administrator control over all aspects of a users account. For example, the amount of disk space a particular POP-account is allowed to utilize. With this type of administrative control, your POP account users will not be able to over extend your hard disk space.

E-mail server edition also includes Remote Domain administration. This feature is especially powerful for ISP's when hosting multiple domains, as you can assign to each domain its own administrator, taking away time-consuming maintenance tasks such as adding POP accounts.

Other features include . . .

  • Multi-Threaded Mail Sending: Full multi-threaded outbound queuing. This means that each message coming into the server from the mail client is sent out on its own thread. For example, if 300 messages are delivered to the server by your customers, the server will actually send out all 300 messages simultaneously, each in its own thread. If one thread is slow, it won't affect any other messages. This feature greatly enhances server performance and allows it to deliver approximately 30,000 messages per hour!
  • Local Senders Only: Don't be an unwitting enabler of Spam-mail! Many bulk e-Mailers force their messages through another domain's mail server to mask their location. With this powerful feature, you can be sure that only qualified users are sending mail through your server. The server verifies the connection of the user against it own database. Only valid users may use your SMTP server.
  • Global e-mail bans: In addition to individual address and site banning, you can now block complete domains from sending mail to your users. For example, if you block *aol.com, all mail from aol.com would be rejected by your server.
  • Blind Aliasing: you can receive all mail for unknown users into a single account called . This is an especially powerful feature when used in conjunction with our anti-spamming tools in order to identify and block junk-mailers.
  • Dynamic Connection Status: By watching the Connection Window you can see where the server is attempting to deliver outbound mail and where that message is originating from AS IT'S HAPPENING! This e-mail server even gives you the power to actually stop the connection!
  • Multi-Homing Domains: Just like our Web servers, our e-mail server edition allows you to host multiple mail domains on a single IP!
  • Wizards: The e-mail server edition has many Wizards built in to make administration a SNAP! Some of these wizards include Domain Wizard for creating new domains and Post Group Wizard to send administrative messages to a group of users.
  • Disk Allocation: Control the size individual mailboxes - never worry about running out of disk space again!
  • Remote Administration: If you are planning to host multiple domains, you will LOVE this feature! As the system administrator you can now define the Domain Owner, who in turn can remotely administer their own domain(s). Never be burdened with adding or changing POP accounts again! In order to maintain control of your server (and stop over zealous Remote Administrators), you may define how many mail accounts can be created for each domain. Remote Administration is handled through our new ASP interface written for the Microsoft IIS web server.
  • Tree Sorting: Sort and search your domain and user trees with a simple right click of a mouse button!
  • SPY Mode:  allows you to watch every transaction from user to mail server or mail server-to-mail server. It even shows you the complete domain resolution and IP address!
  • Remote Event Log: With the eventlog.asp, administrators may remotely view all server activity logs or other database transactions on the Web. Use the sample script we've included or create your own remote reports!
  • ODBC Database Control: Create reports and add-ons to the database using Microsoft Access® or direct database programming!
  • Support for NT 4.0 and Windows 98: Main modules run as an NT service, or in the system tray on Windows 98.

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