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Netserver II - E-Mail Server edition

Included standard components in all Systems:
* Open end designed for future expandibilty
* User upgradeable mother board to higher speeds CPUs
* Intel 440 BX Chipset, Award BIOS
* 512K L2 Built-in Cache
* 9.1GB IBM 10,000RPM SCSI III U2W Hard Disk
* 44X CD-Rom Drive
* Teac 1.44mb floppy drive
* ATI 8mb AGP Video Card
* 16-Bit PCI Sound Card
* Microsoft Natural Keyboard
* Microsoft PS/2 Intellimouse
* Netstar Cube ATX Case
* Additional Case Fan, providing extra cooling
* 10/100 Full duplex(up to 200Mb/Sec) Linksys PCI Network Card
* Windows NT Server 4.0
* 1 Year Parts/Labor Warranty Included

If you would like to change or upgrade components, please choose from OPTIONS BELOW, price changes will reflect immidiately.


Subject to change without notice. Prices on memory fluctuates constantly. Please call for any options not seen.