Want to become an ISP?

If you think you have what it takes to run an Internet Service Provider business on your own -- think again. If you don't have a partner or a skilled, trustworthy staff, you may be in for a rude and expensive awakening.

We can help.

Netstar has been in the network computing business since 1988 and became a full-blown ISP in April of 1995. We know what it takes. One thing is for certain: it is very important to think through your business strategy and to learn from the mistakes of others – namely ours! Think about this: Do you want to operate with as few employees as possible? Would you prefer to concentrate on the marketing aspects of your business rather than the technical? Do you think you are Julius Caesar incarnate?

Your answer to the first two questions may point you in the right direction. The answer to the third is none of our business. But, if you wish to fulfill your dreams no matter how large, you need to take one step at a time. Please review the three plans below to see what best suites your goals and ambitions. We can not guarantee you world conquest, but with plenty of hard work your efforts should be richly rewarded.

Here are our three plans:

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1- Start your own ISP
We will supply with you with all the necessary hardware and software. You will have the option of selling Internet access through dial-up lines, DSL, ISDN, T1, T1Plus Wireless, MultiT and whatever new technology is geographically available to you. The cost of our devices and services will vary upon your choices. So please fill out this form for our pricing and evaluation. We will contact you after reviewing your form submission.

3- VirtualHelp
24 hour a day, 7 days a week, your customers will be accessing your services. If someone is not available to answer even the simplest of questions, they may decide to take their business eleswhere. It is critical that you have a dedicated, knowledgeable technical support center that can tend to your customers while you're off explaining to your grandfather how you got so rich.

2- VirtualISP
VirtualISP is a program that we have designed to meet the need of entrepreneurs wishing to start their own ISP business but who do not want to get involved in the expense of setting up their own infrastructure. By reselling our service or co-branding it with your own logo and identity, you will be able to focus on your business and let us take care of the infrastructure.

Contact Netstar Communications to start today.

Also be sure to check out our new netServer II millennium edition. You will find everything you need to host web sites, electronic stores and malls, hotmailTM style web e-mail and much more.