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AnyWare® e-mail retrieval system


Our web interface to e-mail called AnyWare® allows your users to check their e-mail using a any web browser.

  • Allow users to check their e-mail from anywhere in the world using any standard web browser
  • Two great ways to generate advertising revenue:
    • Sell ad space that will show on your users browser when they use your AnyWare system
    • Add a tag line to the bottom of each message sent, big potential for advertising your services or generating revenue from advertisers and sponsors
    • Compatible with our Ad server
  • Allow users to self register an e-mail address, start your own Hotmail®
  • Offer secure e-mail transactions if you wish, using standard Verisign Server ID
  • No per user licensing fee

To see a demo follow these insatructions:

  • When prompted for login:
    • Enter the following information
       Login name: Demo
      Password: Demo
      Server: bestisp.com
    • Make sure that the "Mail Server" field matches bestisp.com
    • Click on "Check Mail"
  • Click here to log in